Jeanette Cates

Jeanette Cates Grilled Jim Edwards For His
"Mini-Site Secrets!"

Jim Edwards


You missed the live call - but it's not too late!


We were smart enough to record the call - thank goodness we did! There was soooo much great information. And when you sign up below you'll be able to listen to the replay of the full call.


You'll hear:


  • How Jim Edwards took a 30+ page website, converted it to a "mini-site"... and watched his sales go up over 250% literally overnight!...

  • The 3 main purposes of ANY mini-site... and how confusing them, or putting them in the wrong order, will destroy your business before it even gets started...

  • The 4 types of mini-sites, and how each one plays a specific role for making you the money you want online ...

  • The single biggest mistake people make with "affiliate" mini-sites that costs them thousands of dollars (and how it keeps them in the minor leagues, instead of up swinging the big bats with the heavy hitters online)...

  • The difference between a blog and a mini-site (it's more than what you think... and you'll discover how confusing the two will cause you to crash and burn)

  • Jim's own personal philosophy about how much time, energy and effort should go into each mini-site (and how he positions his mini-sites to automatically create a huge auto-pilot business with the least amount of work per site)...


Plus, Jim was forced to reveal the advantages mini-sites offer over "portals," "vortals" and other traditional websites... plus a whole lot more!


Bottom Line: On this 70-minute Recording, you'll discover more about mini-sites... how to use them to make money and build your business online... than you've ever heard anyone reveal before!


We guarantee this will be one of the most valuable hours you'll invest this year, so don't hesitate.



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